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At Sparks Computerized Car Care, we always strive to provide the absolute best auto repair maintenance services in Muncie, IN. If you enjoyed your experience with us, we would love for your to refer us to your friends and family! Hopefully, you’ve made a new friend in us, and you’ve found your preferred auto service provider. The same quality auto services we provided for you, are the same ones that we’d like to provide your friends and family. It’s been our pleasure serving you, and we’d love to keep the good services going with your loved ones. All we need is for you to refer us, letting others know what a great experience you had at Sparks Computerized Car Care. And we make it easy for you. Here’s how:

You can use the form below to easily refer our automotive services. Simply fill in the information of the person you would like to refer, as well as your information, and our online form will email your referral for you! We greatly appreciate your kind words and the opportunity to keep you and your family safe on the road!

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